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Switchmode Power Supplies Pty Ltd

Switchmode specialises in the repair of all power supply equipment often where technical information, support, spare parts and/or test fixtures are scarce or unavailable. Switchmode Power Supplies Pty Ltd provides Depot Level electronic Maintenance and ISO17025 calibration of power supplies of any type up to 50KVA and any defence repairable items with a 6130 NSN.

Since 1984 Switchmode has serviced over 6000 models of equipment from more than 1400 different manufacturers. We have undertaken power supply repairs for many standard power supplies as well as more unusual units. Switchmode’s Engineers and Technicians are supported by a technical database from which they can readily access computer records (held for more than twenty years) of every electronic component removed, tested and replaced in the power supplies repaired. For professional service send your power supply repairs to Switchmode.

Examples of power supply equipment that we regularly repair includes converters, amplifiers, rectifiers, UPS, switch mode power supplies, battery chargers, DC regulated power supplies and  AC power supplies from medical lasers and radio broadcasting to ships’ anchors and radar systems.

Based in Hornsby, Sydney serving all Australia and beyond. Contact us to discuss how we can help you with your power supply repair requirements.


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