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SyntheSys Defence Limited

SyntheSys Defence Limited

SyntheSys' background is in military communications systems that provide comprehensive real-time information, including intelligence, situational awareness, targeting, reconnaissance, intelligence, command and control. We provide interoperability assurance and testing tools and services and have specialist Tactical Data Link expertise. Our defence services have evolved so that we now provide training and have expertise in unmanned systems. Development of testing tools for tactical communications systems introduced us to software tool-supported engineering services in a wider marketplace and we now serve automotive, rail, aerospace, energy, and other industries whilst maintaining our position in our traditional defence market. We focus on tool-supported systems engineering where we take world-class development tools and team them with our mentoring services and training packages to give our Customers a competitive advantage. Our services focus on best practice systems engineering, the role that it plays within an organisation and how this can be developed and improved to achieve wider commercial objectives. We have helped many engineering organisations increase their competitiveness through advice on processes, training and the introduction of software tools. We offer a range of formal and bespoke Systems Engineering training solutions including; Systems Engineering Foundation, Requirements Writing, INCOSE Certified Systems Engineering Professional Preparation and Engineering Development tool training. Our most recent endeavours have been focused on the role that Systems Thinking plays in meeting sustainability targets and we have been working with high-growth, innovative industries to help develop processes and infrastructures which will facilitate the meeting of Net-Zero targets. We are interesting in contracts in the following areas: • Tactical Data Link specialist consultancy and training. • Interoperability and platform integration projects. • System test and evaluation. • System integration • System Modelling • Systems Engineering consultancy and training. • Systems Thinking consultancy • Engineering transformation through digital engineering • IBM® Engineering Lifecycle Management licences (DOORS, DOORS Next, Engineering Workflow management, Engineering Test Management, Rhapsody, Engineering Quality Management) To learn more about our services and operating philosophy, visit our website via


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