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Timoney Technology Limited

Timoney Technology Limited

Timoney Technology are leading experts in ride and handling for Heavy Duty Vehicles. We have been in business since 1967 and over 100 different vehicle types in more than 30 countries use solutions developed by Timoney. Our core areas of expertise are:

  • Driveline Development and Integration
    • Suspension Systems.
    • Drivelines.
    • Steering systems.
    • Transfer cases.
    • Auxiliary drives.
    • Electric drive.
  • R&H Engineering Services
    • Dynamic modelling.
    • FEA & Structural Analysis.
    • Vehicle Testing
  • Vehicle Development
    • Upgrade programs.
    • MRO.
    • Technology Transfer

Vehicle mobility is a key customer requirement in the Defence sector. Our 360° expertise, gained from designing and building complete vehicles, means we have the in-house expertise and a network of industry experts to deliver any project.


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  • Vehicle mobility is a fundamental requirement in the defence sector. By optimising crew comfort, manoeuvrability and cross-country performance, your soldiers arrive mission ready. Ride and Handling tr ...
  • Defence vehicles need to be designed for the toughest operational environments. Ride & Handling is fundamental to this and requires specialised engineering knowledge. Our driveline solutions will meet ...
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