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Urban Hawk

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Urban Hawk

Urban Hawk is a Simualtion & Analtytical company creating realtime digital twins to augment situational awareness. Urban Hawk have developed - Polaron - a realtime simulation tool running at the edge or via the cloud. With Polaron you can make incremental decisions and test the outcomes of your proposals, model how a change in one location or variable might be applied to another. By using Polarons's automation and iontegration tools you can automate collection and refinement of data and even automate and iterate the best solution. 

Because it can run at the edge - you can take it with you and augment Command & Control and Situational Awareness systems - and drive additional insight, reduce the human burden - and even allow users to paint in data, or allow the system to learn from different patterns to augment the effectivness of the situational awareness picture of both the machine and the human operators. 



United Kingdom
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