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VIZGARD is an award-winning SME specialising in automating real-time Security and Defence optical systems.

Our autonomy-enabling AI engine, FortifAI, leverages existing security infrastructure with smart, automated computer vision video analytics for rapid response and intervention. Key benefits of FortifAI include automatic detection and precision tracking of multiple objects, real-time alerting and automation, and sensor fusion technology for corroborative data and intelligence.

Easily integrated with existing systems, FortifAI's growing list of enhancements includes detection and tracking of various object classes, human behavioural prediction with Risk Index, counter-UAS capability, face redaction, image stabilisation, precision drone landing in GPS-denied environments, and optimised performance on the edge.

Our platform-agnostic software application is easily integrated into perimeter and counter-UAS security systems, CCTV networks, vehicles or unmanned surface/aerial vehicles - providing increased situational awareness and reducing false alarms and operator burden.

As well as specialising in security and defence, VIZGARD have experience in delivering computer vision video analytic technology to a growing number of public sector clients across multiple sectors.


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