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Wayren is an Estonian technology startup developing a Mission-Critical Communication Platform - a powerful digital communication solution designed to address the challenges of reliable data delivery in demanding environments. 

Wayren Communication Platform enables rapid deployment of ad-hoc, hybrid networks designed for challenging environments. The platform features an efficient data synchronization protocol that is resilient to communication disruptions and bandwidth limitations, allowing communication to work even in high packet drop conditions. The platform is transport layer agnostic, allowing concurrent use of IP, LoRa, digital and even analogue radio networks.

This technology is useful in various cases, such as military operations, emergency response coordination, asset tracking, sensor data, unmanned vehicle (UAV, UGV, USV) telemetry and command or any other application that benefits from resilient hybrid data networks. For example, in disaster situations, where communication infrastructure may be damaged or disrupted, traditional LTE and GSM based technologies might not be available or by unmanned surface vehicles that are required to answer to voice transmissions to ensure safety on the sea. 


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