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Whippendell Marine Ltd

Electrical Solutions protected for the most demanding marine environments

  • Integrated Electrical and Electronic Enclosures
  • Electrical Control and Disribution Panels
  • Embarked Aviation Ground Power Systems
  • Shipborne Helicopter Starting Systems
  • Motor Starters and Variable Speed Drives
  • Ancillary Electrical Components

Whippendell Marine specialises in providing electrical solutions for the most demanding marine environments

We are an ISO 9001 registered business, and our customer base includes international engineering companies, shipbuilders, and navies.

We are a leader in Shipborne Helicopter Starting Systems and are under contract in the UK for the Type 26 GCS and the Type 31 Frigate.

Many of our electrical control panel and motor starter solutions arise from a reverse engineering task to replace obsolete systems with modern alternatives. 

Solutions can be designed around Whippendell Marine components or to customer preferred components – use of COTS and PLC technology is standard.


United Kingdom
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