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Defence Engage is a marketplace network for suppliers serving the Defence sector: procurement and supply chain professionals, and procurement influencers such as engineers, technical and pre-sales in Prime contractors, and business leaders, business development and marketers in SMEs and larger suppliers. Only approved members may access our Defence Engage network.

Our Defence Engage Network

Are you keen to understand how your business can contribute to a current contract, or hoping to uncover new finds for future programmes? Defence Engage will help you identify and connect with the right people, products and companies for your business in the supply chain, from Primes through to SMEs and start-ups. Defence Engage is a closed community for verified users only, and all users will be authenticated on access. 

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Who can join Defence Engage

Marketers & lead generators

Marketing, PR and product lead roles

  • Present brand positioning and competitor differentiation
  • Showcase your products & capabilities to prospective buyers or partners
  • Generate new sales leads, both direct and warm leads
  • Assess the quality of your leads
  • Analyse campaign effectiveness for your activities

Sales & business development

Business leaders, sales and business development roles

  • Find new business opportunities
  • Understand contracts, requirements, budgets and best approach 
  • Proactively find relevant contacts at Primes or key target companies
  • Research competitors 
  • Identify potential partners for joint bids or product development

Procurement & supply chain professionals 

Procurement, category, programme, supply chain managers

  • Discover groundbreaking products and innovations
  • Source new suppliers, beyond your current network
  • Assess quickly which suppliers are worth having discussions with
  • Share criteria to attract relevant pitches and reduce time-wasting
  • Position your company as an attractive partner for SMEs
  • Enhance your competitive edge for bids with innovation increased speed to market

Procurement influencers

Engineers, technical, pre-sales roles

  • Spot new innovations, products & techniques from Defence and other industries
  • Explore products & innovations that you could recommend to your business
  • Refine specifications for future requirements 
  • Get timely access to suppliers and innovations online  
  • Assess relevancy of potential new suppliers

* Defence Engage works with and acts in support of the ECJU and DIT to ensure that all users and content approved for Defence Engage comply with UK law & UK/UN international undertakings and other relevant sanctions.