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17 Jul 2023

BAE Systems launches FalconWorks innovation division

BAE Systems launches FalconWorks innovation division
BAE Systems

Britain's BAE Systems has launched a new innovation division called 'FalconWorks', in a bid to create a more public facing innovation hub in the style of Lockheed Martin's 'Skunk Works' or Boeing's 'Fantom Works'.  The organisation is focused on 'generation-after-next' capabilities for the air domain. 

The new unit's Managing Director, Dave Holmes said that "for me is about how do we turn this into a team sport rather than running multiple programs which are secret for a reason and then picking out one which gets to the solution in the most effective manner? This is about backing the right resources and being more effective at what we do.”

According to Breaking Defense, the 'major difference between the new office and its US equivalents' is a 'greater ability to work internationally'. 'The unit will bring together BAE Systems’ locations around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, the UK and US', Holmes said.


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