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26 Jun 2023

DASA Competition: Affordable and Adaptable Unmanned Air Systems Autonomy

DASA Competition: Affordable and Adaptable Unmanned Air Systems Autonomy
Source: DASA/ MOD
Increasing the Army’s efficiency

This Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) competition seeks proposals to boost the British Army’s domination of the ‘near surface’ (0-10,000ft above ground level). The goal of this initiative is to exploit emerging technologies to find affordable ways to deliver mass autonomous capabilities.

The Army is working on prototype autonomous capabilities that could increase the reach and impact of its units. However, these systems are often complex and expensive. Army Innovation is therefore searching for technologies that maintain capability and increase affordability.

To achieve this, affordable autonomous systems operating in the ‘near surface’ must be able to:

  • Deliver low-cost reliable effects. Platforms must be able to scan an area of interest and target an identified adversary vehicle using on-board systems.
    • Search or scan a 4km2 area to find vehicles of interest.
    • Target an identified vehicle after search for a subsequent action.
  • Survive affordably on the modern battlefield. Counter-uncrewed air systems technology is advancing rapidly, increasing the cost of survival. Platforms must be able to:
    • Operate in a contested or denied electro-magnetic spectrum.
    • Survive in an airspace contested by modern layered air defence.


Successful solutions

Solutions must be incorporated into prototype platforms developed by a consortia of small and medium enterprises by January 2024. Further trials will continue through 2024. The best solutions that demonstrate cost-effective problem-solving with a high degree of success will be successful.


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