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03 Apr 2023

Electronic warfare is ‘new frontier’ for US Missile Defense Agency

Electronic warfare is ‘new frontier’ for US Missile Defense Agency
US Navy

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency is facing new invisible threats from foreign militaries' electronic warfare and cyber capabilities. The agency is responsible for developing and deploying missile-killing systems to protect the U.S. and its interests abroad. Detecting incoming threats, calculating their trajectory and choosing the best interception method is challenging due to cyber harassment and jamming.

Electronic warfare is a battle for control of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is essential for communication, weapons guidance and situational awareness. The Defense Department is rebuilding its arsenal for electronic warfare after years of neglect.

China and Russia are developing advanced missiles that can be launched from air, ground, sea, and below the waves. These new systems use decoys and countermeasures to increase their survival rates, making them a top national security hazard for the US.

The Missile Defense Agency requested almost $11 billion for fiscal year 2024, including funds for flight, ground, and cybersecurity testing, and science and technology programs to explore new and disruptive technologies for missile defenses.


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