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20 Feb 2023

SKYNET Integrated Enterprise Solution (SKIES) programme

SKYNET Integrated Enterprise Solution (SKIES) programme
Source: UK Government, MOD

Engage with the Ministry of Defence on SKYNET Integrated Enterprise Solution, a transformation project developing and assessing options for the future delivery model for the SKYNET programme.


About the SKYNET Programme

SKYNET is a family of military communications satellites, currently operated for the Ministry of Defence (MOD), that provides strategic communication services to the UK Armed Forces and its allies. SKYNET 5 is the most recent generation of this family.

The SKYNET Integrated Enterprise Solution (SKIES) programme is developing and assessing options for the future commercial/delivery model for the SKYNET programme, whilst exploring the implementation of a new operating model to enable more collaborative working between Industry and the MOD.


The UK Government’s approach to space is changing and maturing. As the pace of change in the space sector continues to accelerate, the SKYNET programme continues to face significant challenges that require a fundamental change to the way in which it does business. In response to these challenges the MOD SKIES Team is currently defining the future delivery model for the SKYNET programme.

SKIES will seek to address these challenges by establishing a collaborative model with Industry and more efficient ways of working across the SKYNET programme. This will lead to more effective decision making in areas such as route to market, programme and system integration and the utilisation of constrained resources, while exploiting future technology and innovation. At the same time SKIES will need to align and be consistent with broader UK Government and defence policies and strategies.

SKIES will be how the MOD manages the delivery of the SKYNET capability with Industry into the medium and long-term future (for at least 10-15 years) with a target date of starting SKIES delivery in 2025. Its implementation will be incremental and evolutionary but with a constant focus on continuous improvement.


Get involved with the SKIES Programme

The MOD SKIES Team would like to work with innovators in industry, academia, and other government bodies, including our closest allies, to understand new trends, opportunities and business developments which could help to define the future delivery model for the SKYNET programme.

A presentation was delivered by the MOD at the Global MilSatCom event on the 8 November 2022. This presentation will provide an additional overview of the SKIES programme and can be viewed via the Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP).

It is also the intention of the MOD SKIES Team to hold an Industry Engagement Event in February/March 2023 where an introduction to the SKIES programme will be provided. Further details on this event will be published via the Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP) when available.


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