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03 Apr 2023

Space Force wants $187M to ‘enhance’ its Unified Data Library

Space Force wants $187M to ‘enhance’ its Unified Data Library
US Space Force

The US Space Force is requesting more than six times the amount of funding for its cloud-based data repository than it did last year.

The service will ask industry to improve the Unified Data Library (UDL) in the upcoming fiscal year, according to Lisa Costa, the chief technology and innovation officer.

The UDL is a cloud-based repository that integrates data from various sources into a unified picture for space domain awareness. The Pentagon's Joint All Domain Command and Control initiative aims to integrate data from different sources, making this integration a crucial objective.

During the AFCEA Space Force IT Day, Lisa Costa, the chief technology and innovation officer for the Space Force, discussed plans to enhance the Unified Data Library (UDL), a cloud-based repository for space domain awareness. Costa explained that the UDL was initially built to process Space Force data but commercial data at scale is also needed.

Although an “enhanced” UDL was not specified, the Space Force is requesting $187.37 million for FY24, a significant increase from last year’s $29.5 million. The funding will be used to expand the UDL’s infrastructure, connect additional Space Force sensors and surveillance networks, and develop defensive cyber operations capabilities.

The Space Force also plans to onboard new data sets, analyze space warfighting data, and integrate legacy communications architecture with the UDL.


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