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04 Dec 2023

UK defence export statistics 2022

UK defence export statistics 2022
UKDSE survey of UK defence exporters, and additional information from various sources

This statistical release presents information and trends on UK defence exports over the period from 2013 to 2022.  The scope of the statistics is the value of export contracts to overseas Ministries of Defence and associated Armed Services. The full value of a contract is assigned to the year in which it was signed, regardless of when physical delivery takes place. Further information can be found in the methodology paper accompanying this release on the GOV.UK website.

Information about UK defence export orders comes primarily from a survey of known UK defence exporters, carried out by UK Defence and Security Export (UKDSE). The data collected from the survey are combined with official contract information from the United States, Australian, and Canadian governments and NATO, along with information from specialised providers of defence market intelligence, and additional information from other media sources. Please see the methodology report published alongside these statistics for more information about data sources.

Rest of the World estimates are derived from the other (non-survey) sources listed above, with the addition of UK Ministry of Defence spending data to capture the UK’s imports from other countries.

The information collected on the defence market is vital to our understanding of the shape of the market and trends and helps UKDSE target support to the defence industry.

This is the tenth year that defence export figures have been published as Official Statistics. These are designated as Official Statistics under the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007. Its aim is to support users to understand the strengths and limitations of these statistics, ensuring that the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) is compliant with the quality principles as stated in the Code of Practice for Statistics, and therefore, should help to reduce the risk of misusing data.


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