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30 Oct 2023

Ukraine, Israel, submarines: What’s in Biden’s $105 billion supplemental request?

Ukraine, Israel, submarines: What’s in Biden’s $105 billion supplemental request?

The White House officially submitted a supplemental budget request of $105 billion to Congress, with a significant focus on military investments in Ukraine, Israel, and the Indo-Pacific.

Key allocations include:

  • Providing $4 billion to Israel until September 2027 for the acquisition of additional air defense systems like Iron Dome and David's Sling, with funding details needing clarification.

  • Allocating $30.6 billion for Ukraine-related Operations and Maintenance, allowing the Secretary of Defense flexibility, including expansion of production facilities and procurement of equipment for critical munitions.

  • Setting aside $2.5 billion for ammunition procurement in Europe.

  • Allocating roughly $144 million for nuclear nonproliferation efforts in Ukraine, focusing on incident readiness, equipment support, and preventing illicit nuclear material smuggling.

  • Allocating about $798 million for Air Force operations and maintenance, covering personnel, operational support, and unit expenses until fiscal year 2024.

  • Allocating over $361 million for Air Force research and development, primarily for cybersecurity and defense support in the European theater of operations until September 2025.

  • Providing over $2.6 billion for classified Air Force programs under "other procurement" until September 2026.

  • Allocating $10 billion for humanitarian aid in Israel, Gaza, Ukraine, and other global areas.


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