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08 May 2023

Ukraine launches tech cluster to boost military capability

Ukraine launches tech cluster to boost military capability
AP Photo / Hanna Arhirova

The Ukrainian government has introduced a new initiative aimed at facilitating and promoting innovation in the field of drone development and other technologies that have played a crucial role in the ongoing conflict with Russia.

This initiative, known as BRAVE1, aims to establish a tech cluster where developers from the government, military, and private sector can collaborate on defense-related issues. The goal is to provide Ukraine with a strategic advantage on the battlefield. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are extensively utilized by both Ukraine and Russia for reconnaissance purposes and in military attacks. Russia, in particular, has been employing Iran's long-range Shahed-136 explosive drones to target Ukrainian power plants and instill fear among civilians.

In a fundraising effort launched last year, the Ukrainian government sought support from foreign donors to assist in building a robust "army of drones."


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