29 Jan 2021

The Future of Pilot Training with LVC and Mixed Reality – Case Finnish Air Force

The Future of Pilot Training with LVC and Mixed Reality – Case Finnish Air Force
“The development of XR technologies offers new opportunities to provide more motivating and efficient training while utilizing advanced simulators together with live flight training. Even though we have taken only the first steps with LVC, the results have proved to be very positive.” – Lieutenant Colonel Teemu Pöysti, Chief of Air Force Training

How to effectively and realistically simulate cognitive load as pilots train for complex air operations?  The Solution: Leading-edge LVC Training System with Varjo Mixed Reality and Pilot Performance Data

Varjo began collaborating with the Finnish Air Force, Patria and BI Simulations in the fall of 2020 to demonstrate the future of pilot training. Using Varjo’s virtual and mixed reality technology with human-eye resolution (over 70 pixels per degree), pilots can now distinguish even the smallest details in the cockpit and experience a highly photorealistic simulated training environment. The integrated eye tracking of the VR/XR headsets at <1-degree accuracy can also be used for collecting data on pilots’ eye movements and reactions for the operator analytics system.

The outcome: a Pioneering LVC Cloud Training Demonstration featuring:

  • Finnish Air Force BAE Systems Hawk fighter jets in the air
  • Federated Varjo mixed reality technology on the ground
  • Real-time exercise monitoring of AI controlled targets
  • Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ image generators
  • A performance analytics system developed by Patria
  • Networked physical simulators and simulator classrooms on the ground
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