MAK Technologies Announces Spring 2022 Release of the MAK ONE Suite of Simulation Software

MAK Technologies Announces Spring 2022 Release of the MAK ONE Suite of Simulation Software

MAK Technologies (MAK), a company of ST Engineering North America, today announced the spring 2022 release of MAK ONE, the software platform for modeling & simulating whole-world multi-domain synthetic environments.

The release builds on the mature capabilities of the MAK ONE suite of simulation applicationsand simulation infrastructure tools to amplify simulation scale, enhance user experience, deliver new content, and more – all with minor impact on migration for existing customers.

•Simulation Scale: Achieving the necessary scale for multi-domain operations requires a system level approach — addressing the network throughput, the simulation engine’s abilities, and the rendering engine’s technique and performance. Learn more about how this MAK ONE release simplifies scaling simulations.

•User Experience: MAK ONE is designed for users at all levels. This release includes application-wide updates like dark mode, which helps reduce eye strain, as well as restyled buttons, toolbars, and menus to make using MAK ONE easier than ever. Learn more about how this MAK ONE release improves the user experience.

•Complex Behaviors: The MAK ONE Spring 2022 release makes significant enhancements to the VR-Forces Behavior Engine,a multi-domain tool used to build complex behaviors for collaborative team modeling. Coordinated unit behaviors can be

quickly created to model section, squad, platoon, company, and higher echelon engagements.Learn more about the Behavior Engine in the MAK ONE Spring 2022 release.

•Extend and Customize: This release refactors and enhances systems for extending and customizing VR-Engage. The “Role Refactor” gives customers more power to create, edit, and manage custom roles. The “Input Refactor” simplifies the process ofcustomizing VR-Engage to work with new input/output devices by providing an abstract, named set of run-time functions that can be mapped to various joystick directions, buttons, and other elements. Learn more about improvements to VR-Engage configurations in the MAK ONE Spring 2022 release.

•More New Content: Content additions include new particle systems to make effects look more realistic and more specific to the various platforms and weapon systems, as well as hundreds of new models that are fully configured for the simulation engine and are all materially classified for both visual and sensor rendering. Learn more about the new and improved content in the MAK ONE Spring 2022 release.

The products included in the MAK ONE Spring 2022 release include the VR-Forces 5.0computer generated forces simulator, the VR-Engage 2.0 multi-role virtual simulator, the VR-Vantage 3.0 3D simulation visualization application, and the VR-Link 5.8 simulation interoperability toolkit.

MAK ONE around the World

The MAK ONE spring 2022 release brings to market capabilities and features developed for programs across the globe, including:

•UK MOD’s Gladiator program

•The Australian Army’s future training requirements

•The US Army’s Synthetic Training Environment

•The European Union’s Open Cooperation for European Maritime awareNess (OCEAN 2020) project

“MAK ONE is the simulation software platform of choice for governments and contractors around the world largely because of its unmatched breadth and flexibility. This release

continues to add out-of-the-box content and features across the air, land, sea, subsurface, and space domains, and makes it easier than ever for integrators to build on our platform to meet project-specific goals,” says MAK Technologies CTO, Len Granowetter.

Find the MAK ONE Spring 2022 Release video overview playlist here:


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MAK Technologies develops software for live, virtual, and constructive simulation. Built upon a strong foundation of COTS products, MAK delivers simulation, gaming, and networking technology in a flexible platform to meet the requirements of training system integrators, experimentation labs, and end users. Our primary users are in the aerospace and defense industries, yet our products and services can help customers anywhere modeling and simulation is needed to train, plan, analyze, experiment, prototype, and demonstrate. MAK is dedicated to serving our customers by building capable products, offering superior technical support, and innovating new ways to build, populate and view interoperable 3D simulated worlds. MAK continues to take advantage of new technologies that further the state of simulation. Our products help users link, simulate and visualize their world. MAK Technologies is a company of ST Engineering North America. Please visit for more information.

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