18 Jul 2022

RTsys announces AUVs contract award with Slovenian Navy

RTsys announces AUVs contract award with Slovenian Navy
RTsys, the French manufacturer of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and handheld imaging sonar for EOD divers announces the contract signature with the Slovenian Navy for the supply of one COMET-MCM AUV and two NEMOSENS micro-AUVs.

These 3 autonomous vehicles will be added to the existing range in use of SONADIVE hand
held sonar units and therefore will give to the Slovenian Armed Forces through its EOD Diving
Department full capabilities for Mine Counter Measures from very shallow water up to 300m
The COMET-MCM is designed to quickly and efficiently cover large underwater areas with both
high-definition sonar imaging and TV camera capabilities, by offering the most accurate realtime
tracking and positioning of the market. Alternatively, micro-AUVs NEMOSENS, manportable
and modular vehicle offering the same capabilities of live tracking and high accuracy
positioning would operate in very shallow water (less than 5m) for various scope of operations
like beaching, rapid environmental assessment or identification and localization of underwater
“Delivering a new complete MCM ecosystem to a NATO Country is always a privilege for RTsys
and confirms the attractiveness of our company in the supply of sea-proven manned and
unmanned solutions” says Pierre-Alexandre Caux, RTsys business director. “Autonomous
vehicles combined with EOD divers’ skills remain the most reliable and efficient combination to
operate safe MCM operations while reducing the time of divers’ action into the water. It also
makes sense for Navies worldwide to cooperate closely with one unique manufacturer, from
their original clarification of needs up to final delivery, operational training, spare part
management and long-term support for maintenance.”

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