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31 Mar 2021

TTMS begins support for NATO Innovation Hub

Transition Technologies MS S.A

In recent years, many countries belonging to the NATO have started creating innovative initiatives, aimed at using modern technologies, mainly from the commercial sector, for their implementation in the military environment. Centers have been established in individual countries to support this effort, including in the USA (NSIN, Air Force Kessel Run Lab), Germany (Cyber Incubators), France (AID) and Great Britain (DSTL). Their task is to solve the current and future problems of the armed forces, for example related to the reduction of fuel consumption by air force planes or the development of autonomous combat systems.

In response to this trend, NATO has established a dedicated structure, that is to help in the effective development of modern and innovative technologies – iHub Laboratory Capability (iHub). iHub provides a space to test new hypotheses and solutions, turning them into user-centric ideas.

Transition Technologies MS S.A. joins the group of companies and scientific institutions that will support the Innovation Lab in technology development on a daily basis. Our experts will work on specific projects in several IT areas.

iHub, or Innovation Hub, is a laboratory whose operating model is based on an incubator, which is a space for testing hypotheses and solutions focused on Minimum Viable Product (MVP) products. IHub is characterized by the close collaboration between developers and end users. Agile DevSecOps practices from industry and the latest research from academia ensure the efficiency of turning ideas into products.

Ihub provides its operational customers with a catalog of innovative products and services, with a strong focus on fast, regular delivery. They belong to the so-called SIP, or Software-Intensive Products, which are either strictly programming projects, or software is their basic component.


A new trend in the defense sector is characterized by an increasing demand for services provided by accelerators such as iHub. When it comes to producing innovative products, the commercial (civil) sector has a clear advantage over the military. Acceleration initiatives are to help eliminate this advantage. This increases the pace of work, which in turn means, that the existing teams are regularly enlarged with the most talented specialists. The activities of employees in the project are fully transparent and traceable thanks to the use of modern Continous Integration and Continous Delivery toolkits.

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