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Transmission Technology sas

We implement our innovative 2S Design Architecture as follows:

  • 2S/G4-200
  • 2S/M5-200
  • A custom 2S/M5+-200 is also available

All solutions meet with the following typical specifications:

  • Salt ingress < 3% at 100% RH
  • Dust content < 0.05mg/m3
  • Salt content < 0.01ppm
  • Salt content < 1mg/m3

Our approach, however, is to refer to the 3 sets of charts below for the following reasons:

  • More direct comparison across various systems on the market
  • Knowing the environmental conditions, the charts below allow to calculate the exact salt and dust ingress/concentrations

The exact efficiencies depend on the specific air velocity, therefore these charts may vary slightly according to the specific projects.


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