Chronos Foil

GBVI Limited

Chronos Foil is a highly robust solution which differs from other foil solutions in that it does not use a sawtooth or comb profile, but instead migrates our pattern algorithms that have been used for high-quality glass and film blend masks. 

As such, surprisingly good optical blending is achieved, enabling its use into dusk & dawn as well as night scenes. It has recently been installed with excellent results into a marine simulation application that employed LCoS UST projectors – a particularly challenging combination.

Being a metal substrate, Chronos Foil can also be a successful lower-cost option for use with very high brightness projectors, as no substrate degradation occurs and for most scene content provides excellent results.


  • Training & Simulation
  • Fixed Wing Aircraft Simulation and Training
  • Naval and Subsea Simulation and Training
  • Rotary Simulation and Training
  • Simulation Systems Hardware
  • Training and Education Services
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