Chronos Glass: Chrome

GBVI Limited


Currently the highest-performance optical blending solution for such devices can be found from Chronos Glass: Chrome. This is the first high-end solution fielded by GBvi and remains a very high-performance option.

We have invested heavily in developing system design tools, mask pattern algorithms and alignment processes to optimise the performance achievable and – with 3-chip DLP in particular – achieve optical blend quality approaching that of our Greyscale product.

This is because the larger-format optics present a “friendlier” trade-off than those found with small-chip projectors, so blurring artifacts can be barely visible and resolution is maintained through the blends.

Chronos Glass: Chrome continues to be successfully installed into high-end systems; for example at the Maloka planetarium in Bogata, as well as in large-FOV simulators.


  • Rotary Wing
  • Fixed Wing Aircraft Simulation and Training
  • Naval and Subsea Simulation and Training
  • Rotary Simulation and Training
  • Simulation Systems Hardware
  • Training and Education Services
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