Chronos Glass: Greyscale

GBVI Limited

Our new greyscale technology has been developed in-house to provide blend masks that have genuine “variable density”, opening up new options and combinations of projector and display types. Artifact-free projected throughput is achieved to result in perfect blends and even hot-spot correction in rear-projected display environments.

Usually, every display design is unique and can involve complex blend configurations to meet almost any requirements. Sometimes, however, commonality and/or standardisation in the display design can be exploited to enable cost savings and/or to simplify of integration.


Given the common display design often employed on multiple platforms, non-recurring engineering is needed only once per display variant – including minor differences between display variant s (e.g., projector selection). GBvi is able to model the optical behaviour in a collimation system to optimise the blending performance.  


Cylindrical Screens


Typically, projection displays for concave cylindrical screens allow for a common Chronos Greyscale optical blend plate design to be used on a range of different configurations while continuing to provide all the benefits that the technology offers.  Again, given the seamless blends achievable, simple mechanical interfaces can be used, avoiding the need for complex actuation systems and their attendant maintenance overheads.


Most cylindrical projection display designs can use “vertical” blend mask orientation – i.e., the plane of the mask is vertical in world coordinates, as would be the cylindrical screen axis.

A growing library of standard mask designs can be selected from and applied to a specific display configuration, provided sufficient projection overlaps have been allowed for.  Contact us to see how you can upgrade your display at keen pricing.



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