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Chronos Rewind

GBVI Limited

Chronos Rewind is our dedicated solution that allows for these AA systems to be integrated alongside our Chronos optical blend masks as part of multi-channel projected displays.

Designed for use with a broad range of digital displays, Chronos Rewind uses an actuated platform and simple trigger interface to move the blend mask to and from the projector lens as required in a carefully controlled and precise manner.

This process allows for the blend to be retracted from the lens, auto calibration to be completed, and for the blend mask to be returned to its original, correct position.

Key Benefits

  • Precision actuated retraction system to enable auto calibration operation with minimal manual intervention.
  • Compatible with any projector. This solution is for customers who need a solution that needs integrating with an auto alignment system.
  • Axial or lateral movements according to your preferences.
  • When using lateral translation, optional dummy glass can be switched into lightpath to eliminate auto calibration errors.


  • Training & Simulation
  • Fixed Wing Aircraft Simulation and Training
  • Naval and Subsea Simulation and Training
  • Rotary Simulation and Training
  • Simulation Systems Hardware
  • Training and Education Services
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