Compact Handheld SWIR Monocular

Raptor Photonics Ltd

Raptor's handheld SWIR monocular operates in zero light conditions, greatly enhancing vision at night or in dust, fog, smoke conditions as well as full day time operation, it also sees through glass. It offers countermeasure capability in that it detects all FoF (Friend or Foe) LTD (Laser Target Designator) wavelengths. It is ideal for special operations personnel, offering a compact, lightweight, rugged, and reliable solution.


  • Platform Systems
  • Imaging/ Visual
  • Instruments
  • Landing Systems
  • Border, land and coastal control systems
  • Identity Management
  • Surveillance
  • Components & systems
  • Drones
  • Vehicles
  • Identify Friend or Foe
  • Search & Rescue/ Detection
  • Sensing Technologies
  • Surveillance
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