Crossbow Signal Analysis and Rodent 4 Antenna Platforms

PPM Systems

Crossbow Signal Analysis System

The Crossbow multi-role software defined radio scanning/decoding system is designed to provide special operations users with actionable, real-time, mission-critical data on the electromagnetic environment. It allows users to operate safely and delivers a strategic advantage.

The appliance delivers decoding, analysis, recording and processing of off-air data for customisable user applications with data protected and secured on an encrypted solid state drive.

  • Reconfigurable user interface
  • Local or remote antennas
  • Can be re-tasked in the field for ongoing changeable missions
  • Multi-channel RF front end
  • Rugged outdoor Military standard unit with daylight readable touch screen display
  • Standard LIPS 10/12 battery powered.

Rodent 4 Antenna Platform

Rodent 4 is a wide-band dual band remote antenna detection system, fibre optically linked. It is typically deployed to the target zone using a remote controlled vehicle (RCV) but can also be hand-carried. It provides a convenient way to deploy Signals Intelligence or SIGINT antennas over hundreds of metres, allowing personnel to remain at a safe distance from the targeted zone.

The system is designed with the capability to communicate to the remote head. Wideband RF over fibre links are employed to transmit RF signals from the remote antenna platform back to receiving equipment. This receiving equipment can be mounted in a vehicle or can be dismounted.

Key parameters include excellent sensitivity and wide spurious free dynamic range, together with the ability to work in extreme environmental conditions. PPM designed and manufactured the system using its skills in RF, optoelectronic and antenna/filter design, together with rapid prototyping/manufacturing capabilities.


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