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EXOSKIN-G1 - Tactile CBRN Gloves

Avon Protection

Avon Protection's EXOSKIN-G1 CBRN Gloves have been engineered utilizing our proven CBRN expertise and rubber material technology to achieve a design that is resistant to chemical threats and impermeable to biological agents. Developed to optimize user ability, EXOSKIN-G1 are ambidextrous to ensure efficient donning and doffing, improving operational response times and maximizing user safety.

Protection should not impede operator ability; EXOSKIN-G1 integrates seamlessly with vital equipment, with conductive fingertips to allow for effortless handling of touchscreen devices in the field. In demanding situations, users need protection without compromise, EXOSKIN-G1 has been designed to offer full integration with protective suit ensembles, including JLIST and MkIVA.

Acting as a second skin, EXOSKIN-G1 offer ultimate dexterity at minimum thickness paired with seamless knitted liners available for every scenario to provide ultimate operator comfort.


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