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Ground Gears and Shafts

Mini Gears

Mini Gears is a specialist subcontract gear manufacturer, supplying to a wide range of industries, offering both commercial and high precision custom made gears to your drawing specifications. Gears can be manufactured on a complete supply or gear cutting only basis and in a range of materials.

Ground Gears and Shafts - The gear grinding operation is a final finishing process that removes any small deviation on a gear tooth and is widely regarded as the most accurate way of finishing a high precision gear.

Huge investment in our Gear Grinding Capacity with the arrival, in July 2022, of a brand new Gleason Pfauter Profile Grinding Machine P600/800G, doubling our previous maximum grinding diameter.

We can now offer a gear grind only service for external grinding of Spur Gears, Helical Gears and Splines up to 800mm diameter, grades DIN/AGMA 3 to 4, maximum face width 600mm and from 1 to 15 Module.  This is in addition to the service already provided for manufacturing complete supply of ground gears up to 400mm with a maximum face width of 125mm.

The P600/800G is adaptable to many different gear applications with various grinding heads for a variety of wheel diameters and, with on board gear inspection, measurement graphs for each gear can be provided


  • AS/EN/JISQ 9100
  • ISO 9001
  • Components
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