Hadean Platform for Training & Simulation


1. Synthetics environments built on the Hadean Platform are able to support the following by default:

  • Multiple game and simulation engines, such as Unreal Engine, Unity, and VBS, as well as other proprietary engines.
  • Full integration of both legacy and new simulation engines for each domain, such as flight, maritime and land simulators.
  • Millions of simulation entities and thousands of concurrent users at high performance.
  • Seamless integration of third party data libraries, streams, and plugins, such as traffic, pattern of life, geospatial data, CGF, weather, etc.

Integrate multiple simulations into a single federated system in order to:

  • Effectively control exercises
  • Allow legacy and novel systems to interoperate
  • Effectively capture and exploit system and training performance data to ensure:
  • Appropriate activity focus
  • Participant and team learning and development

Decision Support powered by the Hadean Platform can run unlimited ‘what if’ scenarios to rapidly generate meaningful insights.

  • Identify data driven insights to achieve current and future force optimisation

  • Ensure rapid data-supported Course of Action development and selection

  • Confident predictions and a better understanding of risk to support logistic planning and decision making.

  • Understand and estimate strategic risk


  • Training & Simulation
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