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Hook and Line Systems

NIC Instruments
  • NIC Instruments has developed an extensive range of Hook and Line equipment to ensure that the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Operator is able to safely, quickly and efficiently conduct semi-remote actions whilst on operations.
  • Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) Operators often find themselves trying to carry out semi-remote tasks using equipment which has not been specifically designed for that purpose, leading to the task failing, and the Operator having to make additional unnecessary manual approaches.
  • NIC Instruments works closely with British Army, High Threat, Bomb Disposal Operators, who fully understand the principles of IEDD and are able to design and extensively test equipment to ensure that all conceivable hook and line tasks can be achieved.
  • The environments and situations in which EOD and IEDD Operators work today are diverse. These range from arduous dismounted operations in desert conditions, to high profile vehicle borne operations in urban areas. For almost every scenario, NIC Instruments can offer a range of Hook and Line equipment to ensure that the task can be completed safely and effectively.
  • The first principle of IEDD – “Preservation of Life”, led to the development of the Hook & Line system by NIC Instruments in the early 1970s.


  • Bomb disposal
  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • Explosive search equipment
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