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Kojensi Multi Level Security Classified Information Collaboration and Sharing Platform


Kojensi is an accreditable SaaS platform that enables small and large Defence Industry companies, Defence, Government and other partners to securely share and collaborate on classified information, all within a secure, controlled information environment. 

Kojensi’s industry leading attribute based security model (ABAC) makes the Kojensi platform unique. User and document attributes control the flow of information and facilitate secure sharing to validate access and sharing policies each and every time a file is accessed or shared internally or with industry partners. By taking a data-centric, zero trust security approach, a file’s attributes such as security classification, organisation and country releasability, determine who is able to access, edit and download the file.

  • Distributed Administration - File owners control the access to information created or uploaded and who it is shared with. 
  • Secure Online Editing - Create, share and co-author documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Track edits, leave comments or chat with co-authors. 
  • Document Version Control - Kojensi allows you to retain and access all versions of a file or document.
  • Secure Viewing & Watermarks - Secure content (documents, PDFs, images, etc.) with Kojensi’s in-app read only document viewer and watermarking tool to reduce leaks.
  • Search & Discoverability  - The file owner controls if a document is private or discoverable in search to prevent unauthorized users from seeing files in search results.
  • Dashboards - Provides administrative users with access to real-time account administration and workspace utilisation.
  • Audit / Logs - Kojensi by nature is a fully auditing platform that records a full user interaction history of all changes made to files, workspaces and other administrative tasks.
  • Designed for Compliance - Kojensi assists organisations to easily comply with compliance requirements (ITAR, ISM, DISP, PSPF, etc).
  • Australian Government Accredited up to PROTECTED.


  • Cyber Security
  • Data Protection
  • Identity & Access
  • Information Technology
  • Data Management
  • Software
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