Intracom Defense


INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) designs, develops and manufactures high bit data rate missile telemetry systems, which are used for data transmission from the missile to the data collection ground station via a radio link or for recording of data during captive carry flights.

Extensive know-how and expertise have been utilized introducing telemetry systems with characteristics such as surface mount technology, compact mechanical packaging, conformal antennas and re-programmable subsystems.

Typical telemetry section components include:

  • Master Control Unit
  • Power Supply Unit
  • Signal Conditioning Unit
  • Radar Transponder
  • Flight Termination Receiver/Decoder
  • Thermal Battery
  • FM Transmitter
  • Mechanical Housing
  • Antennas


INTRACOM DEFENSE (IDE) Data Links are used for guided missile systems requiring radio transmission of target and control data from ground transmitter stations to missile receivers. They operate reliably over demanding wireless channels using state-of-the-art proprietary signal waveforms.

IDE’s Software Defined Radio (SDR) data link transmitters and receivers are implemented on DSP-based architectures, offering design flexibility, rapid development, expandability and upgradeability.

The main features of IDE’s Data Links are:

  • Robustness to the highly variable aeronautical channel effects of Doppler and multi-path fading
  • Enhanced robustness with Space-Time transmit antenna diversity option
  • Efficient use of radio spectrum
  • Optimization of data rate versus processing gain and jamming rejection
  • Low Peak-to-Average Power Ratio (PAPR)
  • High ECM immunity



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