Multibeam Imaging Sonars

Tritech International Limited

Gemini NBI - Manufactured from titanium and designed to operate in the harshest of environments such as subsea mining and excavation.

Gemini 720is - Ideal for poor visibility environments. Featuring a 720kHz operating frequency and an integrated sound velocity sensor to assist in providing the sharpest image possible, with accurate ranging.

Gemini 720ik - A real-time, high-frequency imaging solution developed for shallow water operations.

Gemini 1200ik - A dual frequency multibeam imaging sonar for long-range target identification and close-range inspection.

Micron Gemini - The world's smallest multibeam imaging sonar. Developed for use on micro ROVs and ideal for difficult to access areas. In the body of a Gemini 720im but with improved imaging, better serial interface and built in PSI sensor. 


  • Imaging/ Graphics/ Mapping
  • Navigation Systems
  • Sensor Technologies
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