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Over-The-Horizon Radar (OTHR)

D-TA Systems

The system, called P-OTHR or Polar Over-The-Horizon Radar, is a bistatic radar which includes 1024 receive channels and 256 transmit channels. The system is designed for installation in the Arctic, (inside shelters).

Based on D-TA’s standard products, DTA-2300 high performance 8/16-channel HF transceiver system and the DTA-5000 RAID server for processing & record/playback, the entire P-OTHR system was manufactured, integrated and tested in a record time.


  • Electronic Warfare
  • Navigation, Positioning & Timing
  • Sensing Technologies
  • Information Technology
  • Land Platforms
  • Platform Systems
  • Security
  • Unmanned & Autonomous
  • Detection & Tracking
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