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RFeye Mission

CRFS Limited

The RFeye Mission from CRFS is an Automated Spectrum Monitoring Software. It has been designed for use with RFeye assets deployed over wide areas such as ranges, test sites, borders, and cities and also for small networks such as in-building TSCM monitoring. This software enables network and database management alongside automated spectrum monitoring and geolocation. It allows spectrum stakeholders to derive useful and actionable intelligence from their deployed RFeye receivers without the need for teams of RF experts.

This software can automatically geolocate signals of interest based on frequency, bandwidth, signal location, time, and power. These geolocations can either be generated directly within RFeye Mission or fed in from RFeye Site. Each geolocation is displayed on the map view with information on longitude, latitude, altitude (when using 3DTDOA), frequency, and bandwidth.

RFeye Mission can automatically generate a number of reports and data captures, including:

  • Signal Power Reports: Looks at changes in transmitter power
  • Signal Occupancy Reports: Looks at the percentage occupancy of a portion of the spectrum
  • Sweep Data: Shows if signals are being transmitted within a spectrum range

The RFeye Mission can be controlled via a web browser interface and enables spectrum monitoring tasks to be performed quickly. Sweeps, scans, and surveys can be quickly set up, and authorized transmitters, operating zones, and geolocations are displayed along with real-time incidents and alarms. It provides instant access to the status of assets including the Nodes, server, GPS, and RF activity status.


  • ISO 9001
  • Cyber Essentials / Cyber Essentials PLUS
  • Other
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Radio Frequency Sensing
  • Antennas
  • Combat Identification
  • Sensing Technologies
  • Surveillance
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