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Flight proven, SC3 delivers outstanding and versatile capabilities, with rapid integration in sub 10 kg to 1800 kg platforms. The SC3 features proven technology to meet demanding flight control computations, supporting navigation and communication.

The SC3 utilises a twin computer design, with high performance automotive-grade ARM Cortex-R-based microcontrollers (MCU) providing flight control, alongside a companion processor on a separate board to manage ground control station communications and navigation.

  • Small form-factor
  • Automotive grade TMS570 Cortex R5F dual-lockstep processor
  • Supported by NXP iMX7 processor handling navigation, communications, payload control, and more
  • Multiple connector options including MIL spec (to customer specification)
  • Third party applications and custom code can be run, allowing communication to sensors and payload
  • Utilise the Simulink modelling tool for hardware or software in-the-loop testing


  • Electrical Systems
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