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Security Cages

Technocover Ltd

Ideal when visibility or airflow must be maintained

All products in this range are certificated to LPS 1175, issue 8, LPCB Security Rating 3 and Security Rating 4. The modular design allows the creation of many different permutations of anti-climb mesh protection; from single mesh vertical (wall) and horizontal (ceiling) panels acting as a security barriers to existing structures, through to fully enclosed 5-sided cages.

The UltraSecure modular mesh panel and cage system provides excellent free airflow and gives visibility to protected infrastructure assets at all times.

Suitable for internal or external use, Technocover UltraSecure high security cage systems, partitions and panels offer custom built operational and security solutions to prevent unauthorised persons gaining access on Critical National Infrastructure sites, securing key assets against all levels of malicious vandalism, theft, extortion, contamination or terrorism.

Technocover has designed and engineered flexibility and modularity into the system, including access gates, and while this allows many configurations to suit specific site needs, every possible variant of the system meets the stringent design and testing standards of LPCB’s trusted LPS 1175 standard.


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