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ST54 - Enhanced Multi-Mission Tactical Operator SCBA

Avon Protection

The ST54 SCBA is the base to a multi-mission Respiratory Protection System which provides for operational flexibility to the operator and mission commanders in the field to tailor the PPE response based on the available intelligence. Depending on the threat or operational situation at the scene of an incident, the ST54 SCBA can be configured to provide the appropriate protection.

The ST54 SCBA combines Avon Protection’s M53A1, FM53 and FM54 respirators (see respirator datasheets for further details) with new and innovative modular breathing apparatus technology to provide positive pressure SCBA and/or PAPR capability. The ST54 system provides the operator with total flexibility to select the necessary level of protection quickly and efficiently without degradation of operational effectiveness. Designed with the tactical mission in mind, the system incorporates non-reflective black components and warning whistle, which can be silenced.


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