Stealth CDLSE


Considered to be the benchmark in state-of-the-art Mine Countermeasures Explosive Ordnance Disposal (MCM EOD) underwater life support technology, Stealth Closed Circuit (CC) offers increased levels of diver safety, equipment reliability, maintainability and availability together with operational capability and mission versatility.

Being electronically controlled, Stealth CC may be used for MCM-EOD operations to a depth of 54msw using an air diluent gas or to a depth of 100msw using a heliox or trimix diluent. Stealth CC has an extensive track record in a range of operational and environmental conditions globally from the arctic to the tropics.

Following competitive evaluations by independent government defence evaluation agencies and end user organisations, Stealth Closed Circuit is now in service with numerous prominent navies.


  • Breathing Apparatus
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