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Timoney Drivelines

Timoney Technology Limited

Timoney is launching our next generation of drivelines in 2023.

Timoney’s new range of Independent Suspension systems is the result of over 50 years of experience in vehicle mobility and adopts the latest technologies available to deliver unparalleled durability and performance.

The JAWS generation enhances our product offering, providing our clients with a wide range of Gross Axle Weight Ratings and options. All systems are subjected to an exhaustive series of bench tests that guarantee durability in the heaviest off-road conditions.

Ready to electrify your vehicle? Timoney Technology introduced its first electrically driven axle at Eurosatory 2022. The NEW TIS9-E has been developed based on customer input and detailed trade-off studies that focused on cost, weight, performance and durability.

Ready to electrify your vehicle? The TIS9e improves performance by allowing each axle to be independently controlled, particularly useful when driving on rough terrain and on steep gradient climbs. Other benefits include silent watch, burst acceleration, improved fuel economy and the ability to reduce the size of the ICE.


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