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VOO Assurance Service


To host a flyaway Submarine Rescue System, a nation will more
than likely require a Vessel of Opportunity (VOO). Suitable and
available VOOs could be difficult to find in the time of need.

An ongoing and proactive approach to the assessment of VOOs is
an excellent way in which Navies can reduce the risk of challenges faced in identifying and mobilising onto a VOO in an emergency.

JFD provides a VOO Assurance Service, which helps Navies
across the world to proactively do this.

JFD’s VOO Assurance Service encompasses the following:
- VOO Tracking and Initial Suitability Assessment
- VOO/MOSHIP Compatibility Investigation and Vessel
- Vessel Survey
- Embarkation Engineering Data Pack (EEDP)


  • Ships
  • Submarines
  • Safety/ Survival
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