WiWAN-CP Wireless Wide Area Network

Intracom Defense

WiWAN-CP supports fixed, deployable and mobile stations in both Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint network topologies. By proper use of its network management, frequency planning tools and antennas, a high degree of flexibility and adaptability in the deployed forces is provided.The radiosystem’s Ethernet interface provides an easy and straightforward way for any IP peripheral device or software application to be interconnected with the system’s LAN, accommodating the need of real time data transfer.

WiWAN-CP provides a Layer-2 and a Layer-3 Ethernet interface offering two separate networks that operate in parallel. In this way, WiWAN-CP extends existing networks, operating as an Ethernet bridge between fixed network nodes and, at the same time, provides an autonomous, ad-hoc, broadband IP network.

Security is ensured both in TranSec and ComSec levels by utilizing an advanced Frequency Hopping algorithm with additional protective mechanisms and by incorporating a powerful encryption module that can host an AES encryption algorithm or a customer’s specific one.

WiWAN-CP incorporates a robust Quality of Service (QoS) mechanism that ensures that each service is optimally addressed in terms of bandwidth and prioritization through a user-configurable services’ priority plan. The radiosystem is equipped with an embedded router and a SIP server providing an inherent telephony service between the stations. Email, FTP or any other IP service is supported in an easy and fast way exploiting the system’s high data rate.


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