Deployable Wrapped Rib antenna for SAR applications

Oxford Space Systems

Oxford Space systems has developed an innovative Cassegrain reflector antenna with a metal mesh surface known as “Wrapped Rib”. Enabled by a dual deployment system, the large parabolic reflector (3m diameter and larger) stows down to a small volume to fit on the top deck of a ~150kg spacecraft which is compatible with an ESPA-class (EELV Secondary Payload Adaptor) spacecraft. The feedhorn is positioned centrally and immediately below the main reflector surface, and the sub reflector positioned above. The sub reflector is deployed using four of OSS’s well characterized Astrotube booms. A significant part of the structure is based upon flexible carbon fibre composites materials developed by OSS. The main RF reflector is a knitted metal mesh structure with high reflectivity properties in the X-band SAR wavebands and which has also demonstrated high reflectivity properties up to 50GHz at coupon level. Operating in X-band frequencies in spotlight mode, the Wrapped Rib antenna is an excellent solution for low-cost, high resolution SAR missions.


  • Detection & Tracking
  • Antennas
  • Radar
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