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We look forward to working with you so you can tap into the Defence Engage network of SMEs. Use this opportunity to post a Challenge, test a theory, or help refine a requirement for example. Your post can be anonymous, so not linked to any individual or your company, giving you more freedom to search for solutions. 

Please fill in the below form for us to host your challenge. Part 1 will provide the details we can post to Defence Engage members including what you would like to tackle, including description, accreditation requirements and deadline. Part 2 tells us how you would like to receive the details of the applications for your Challenge.

If you have any questions, get in touch with us at

Part 1 - Challenge Information for Collaborators
Key criteria for applicants
Part 2 - Process and Format of Delivering Applications to You
The below questions refer to how you would like the Challenge to be posted and how often you would like to be updated of applications.
Select 'No' if you would like your company/department shared on your form. We will not share your name.
As standard, your Challenge will be hosted on Defence Engage where members will only be able to 'Show Interest'. By utilising our Customised Applications service, we can filter the responses for you - only forwarding relevant leads.
As standard, all those that 'Show Interest' will be shared with you, with links to their profiles on Defence Engage.
Who is the point of contact for this challenge, should Defence Engage have any questions?

This contact information will be used for matters relating to your challenge only.