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Creating your User Profile

Here's a quick snapshot of why we require a few more details to build out your User Profile.

By providing this information, we'll be able to ensure the details you and other users upload are correct and proper, so all other members can use Defence Engage with security in mind.

It's also so we can appropriately match you with the right people and content, making sure you experience the best Defence Engage can offer.

To build out your Company User Profile, we'll ask:

Name, Job Title, Company Name, Primary Job Function - so when your company products pique people's interest, they know who they are reaching out to.

Your company expertise - the product/service areas you supply. These tags will be important for Defence Engage to be able to recommend your company and solutions to buyers.

Your work email address - this will be used by Defence Engage to alert you to incoming contact requests, or alerts of companies and solutions that fit your interests. Your email address will not be visible on Defence Engage.

Your mobile number - this is for multi-factor authentication to access Defence Engage e.g. you could request a login code to be delivered to your mobile. Your mobile number will not be visible on Defence Engage.

Complete My User Profile